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Challenge 001 & 002 Voting

Thank you to everyone who entered! The icons are wonderful and more than I expected for the first challenges. Thanks!

For the themed challenges would people like me to say who the icon subjects are and where they are from?
Henry VIII (The Tudors)
Portraits and statues I'll only tell you who they are of. If I do this it would mean people telling me when they enter the icons.

Voting will end on Wednesday, 20th February @ 3:00pm GMT

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Challenge 001 & Challenge 002

The challenges will finish Sunday, 17th February 2008.

Remember to post your icons to this post.

The two mods are ravenlullaby and pnr, feel free to ask us any questions or if you are having problems with the challenges. We are going to switch who picks the picutres/themes week by week. This week ravenlullaby has chosen the pictures and pnr the themes.

Good luck everyone!

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