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the_histories's Journal

History Icon Challenge
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Welcome to the_histories an stillness challenge for everything historical. The cut off point from history is 1979, anything set before that is considered history and therefore acceptable. The contest is also open to things that would be considered historical fantasy such as Lord of the Rings and The Legend of the Seeker. Modern adaptations of historical works such as the BBC's Shakespeare Re-Told series or 10 Things I Hate About You will also be allowed in specific challenges. This is a stillness community which means animated icons are not allowed.

Challenges are posted on Sunday and last for a week. There are two types of challenges; screencap and themed. The screencap challenges consist of twelve screencaps being provided that must be used to make icons from and the themed challenges allows people to find their own screencaps and use them to make icons that fit the given theme.

While the new challenge is up there is a seperate post for people to vote for the next challenge. Three options are given and people choose one of these options. The challenge with the most votes is then used as the next challenge.

Occasionally, there will be special challenges run or a different kind of challenge. The special challenges may be things that are not icon related such as headers, fanmixes or picspams or they may be slightly larger icon challenges such as a set of five icons. The different challenges will be icon challenges that are organised differently and will run alongside the regular challenges such as 20in20, Rumble or LIMs.

If you want to suggest any challenges, please go here

If you wish to affiliate, please go here

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Please note, the rules may change with specific challenges, this includes the number of icons you may enter. Occasionally special challenges are run such as 20in20's and rumble style challenges, these challenges will have their own rules.

01: No animation, this is a stillness community

02: Icons must fit the LJ icon specifics of 100x100 pixels in dimension and 40kb or less

03: Icons must have been made new for the challenge, do not re-use old icons or premade bases

04: Do not post your icon anywhere until the winners have been announced

05: If images have been provided you must use those images. You may use the same image twice but the crop must be different.

06: If the icon is for a theme challenge it must fit the theme provided

07: You do not need to be a member of the community to enter or vote. Annoymous votes will not be counted.

08: Post your icons to the challenge post to enter. Please include the icon image and the url;


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