Raven Lullaby (ravenlullaby) wrote in the_histories,
Raven Lullaby

Mod Post

I have just put up the new challenge:


This will be the last challenge for a while. I am putting this community on hiatus for a few months. I am not necessarily closing the community down but I feel like everyone needs a bit of a break.

Participation has been low for the past six or seven months. Nearly every challenge has to be extended due to a lack of entries. No one responds to posts about this, or how I can improve the community. I don’t actually know what else to do. I need a break from this group.

I will finish the Brave challenge. Do any outstanding banners and then see how I feel in a few months.
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    As no one entered the Brave challenge I am just going to cancel it. I will get banners and stuff sorted as soon as possible.

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