Raven Lullaby (ravenlullaby) wrote in the_histories,
Raven Lullaby

Challenge 001 & 002

Ring of the Nibelungs
First Second Third Best Use of Colour Best Crop Most Creative
devi07 warriorchick lancelotfan irreparable peculiargroove lancelotfan

First Second Third Best Use of Text Best Crop Most Creative
peculiargroove ravenlullaby pnr peculiargroove ravenlullaby peculiargroove

Sorry these are a bit late, I've come down with something and I've been sleeping all day. I'm really not up for making banners (even if I was well I have loads of work to do), if anyone wants to make them then please do. If no one does then these will get done when term finishes in March.

Tags: challenge 001: ring of the nibelungs, challenge 002: leadership

  • Challenge 001 Banners

    If there are any mistakes please let me know. Thanks.

  • Challenge 002 Banners

    If there are any mistakes just let me know. Sorry they aren't terribly imaginative.

  • Challenge 001 & 002 Voting

    Thank you to everyone who entered! The icons are wonderful and more than I expected for the first challenges. Thanks! For the themed challenges…

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