January 26th, 2014

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The weapons challenge has been cancelled as no one entered any icons. I will put the next challenge Downton Abbey up in a few hours.

If people are still interested in this community please go to the feedback post or suggestion post and help me out a little bit.

There are two people that enter the challenges regularly which is not enough to keep this comm going, this is not the first challenge I've had to extend or cancel. I love this community and I want to keep it going for another year but not if I have to fight with it every week, it is very tiring and discouraging.

Downton Abbey

Icons: 00


♥ No animation
♥ Do not post previously made icons or premade bases
♥ You may use the same image twice but the crop must be different.
♥ Do not post your icons anywhere until the winners have been announced
♥ Textures, text, brushes and stock images are all allowed
♥ Icons must fit the LJ requirements of 100x100 and 40KB
♥ You may enter up to 5 icons per challenge
♥ Post your icons to this post
♥ When posting your icon please include the image and URL

Deadline: Saturday, 2nd February

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