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Rumble Round 02: Challenge 03

Only people who have signed up can participate. The list is here

You get points for entering a challenge, voting and being placed as a winner.

Remember to read the rules for each week carefully as the rules regarding icon numbers and whatnot will change from week to week.

Landscape Stock

This is a stock image challenge with a bit of a twist, the twist being that they are actually landscape images from Game of Thrones. You are still to use them as if they were stock images. You can use whichever part of the images you want, you can change the colour and manipulate them to your hearts content but you must use at least one of the images provided in your icon.

Just to be clear you are allowed and expected to use other images besides the ones provided and they do not need to be from Game of Thrones

Please indicate which one you have used when you enter. If you don't know the places you can give a description like the snowy one.

Images are from here

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

You can enter 1 icon

Post any questions you have to this post.

The challenge lasts one week and will close Friday, 26th August @ 7.00pm GMT (Time Zone Converter)

Have fun!

Icons: 03
Tags: &rumble round two - challenge three

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