August 19th, 2011

Rumble Challenge 02 voting

Sorry! LJ had put one of the icons as spam and I didn't see it.

Great turn out! Thank you everyone. Everyone who entered has recieved 1 point.

Voting is open to everyone. Anyone who is signed up will recieve 1 point for voting.

Please do not vote for yourself or your friends

Please consider all icons and sets carefully. I will be asking you to vote for 1 favourite icon and 1 best text icon, please chose the icons/sets that you think are of the best quality and that fit the theme given.

Voting will close Tuesday, 23rd August 2011

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Rumble Round 02: Challenge 03

Only people who have signed up can participate. The list is here

You get points for entering a challenge, voting and being placed as a winner.

Remember to read the rules for each week carefully as the rules regarding icon numbers and whatnot will change from week to week.

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