December 22nd, 2010

Holiday Hiatus

Holiday Hiatus

This community will now be on hiatus until after New Years. This just means that no new challenges will be posted and there is certainly still some things going on in case a few of you get a little bored over the holidays!

Three holiday challenges have been posted. These challenges are a little different than the regular challenges and will be running throughout the holidays. The deadline is January 9th.

There is voting for the Best Icon of 2010 and the next challenges.

There are always a few banners that need making. I do not have a graphics programme anymore so I really will need help with the banner making and any header making that may need doing. The suggestions post is up as well, please do suggest some new themes or screencaps or anything you like!

And there is also a poll concerning the running of this community. If you would like some input in how the community continues in 2011 please fill it out and share your thoughts.

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this community so thank you! It is because of you that this community has remained alive and active. I have a lot of fun running this community and I hope to see it continue just as well if not better in 2011!

Happy holidays everyone!