November 28th, 2010

Comeback Challenge Voting

Please read the rules very carefully before voting and I hope everyone votes. If you are signed up for the LIMS and you do not vote then you will not be eligible to chose or be chosen for the Artist's Choice icons.

The following people have entered icons and have rejoined the LIMS;


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LIMS Challenge Four

There are seven participants for the LIMS challenge and only those that have signed up may join in. If you are unsure if you have signed up or not please check the list here.

If you do not enter an icon and do not tell me you are skipping I will assume you have skipped and take a skip away from your total.

Entries due Sunday, 5th December

Please read the information carefully.

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It will soon be heading into the holiday season and I want to find out what people want. Do you want the challenges to continue as normal? For the community to go on hiatus? For there to be an extra long challenge?

I am open to all possibilities. I am staying at university until December 21st and then coming back fairly early in January so everything is fine to me and I am free to continue putting up challenges throughout the holiday season. The joy of a research degree.

ETA: There will be an extra long challenge over the holiday period. Any ideas on what kinds of challenges you would like to see?