November 23rd, 2010


I am a little slow right now and forgot to mention our newest affiliates and a community that I wanted to mention.

elizabethstills is an icontest for the character Elizabeth Swann from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

gemma_stills is an icontest for the actress Gemma Arterton who has been in several historical projects such as Lost in Austen, Tess of the D'Urbervilles and Prince of Persia

garrowslaw_tv is the only LJ community for the TV show Garrow's Law. Set around trials at the Old Bailey in Georgian London against a backdrop of corruption and social injustice, Garrow's Law is a legal drama inspired by the life of pioneering barrister William Garrow. Many of the cases in the show are based upon the real cases of William Garrow.

The show has recently started it's second series and is a very well down period drama.