November 7th, 2010


The Bright Star and Behind the Scenes challenges will end next Sunday. No one has entered any icons yet, please get some in before next week! You can enter your icons here

No one has voted for the next challenges, if you want your say in what challenges are posted then please go here

LIMS Comeback

This is the comeback challenge for all those members who have either been eliminated or disqualified from the LIMS challenge. As there were so few to sign up in the first place everyone who enters this challenge will be allowed to rejoin the LIMS. You will rejoin with no skips even if you had not used your skips before you were eliminated.

This is only for people who signed up for the LIMS.

Whoever is eliminated in the third challenge may also enter icons.

Entries due Sunday, 28th November

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Suggestion Post

This is a list of everything that has been suggested. Most of these would be for the screencap challenges, though all kinds of suggestions are welcomed.

Please check that things haven't already been suggested before suggesting them yourself. You can easily search this list using ctrl+f (if you are using Windows, I'm not sure how you do it on a Mac). A list of past themes can be found here. Repeated challenges are allowed.

Please include a link to screencaps if possible.

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