November 3rd, 2010

LIMS Challenge Two Winners

Thank you to everyone.

As there were three icons submitted there is not a favourite icon this week, there is the Artist's Choice and the icon of lesser quality. I still wanted people to vote for a better quality icon so that there would be positive comments as well as negative.

If you would like the comments your icon recieved then please just ask and I will reply in a screened comment with what was said.

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LIMS Challenge Three

There are seven participants for the LIMS challenge and only those that have signed up may join in. If you are unsure if you have signed up or not please check the list here.

If you do not enter an icon and do not tell me you are skipping I will assume you have skipped and take a skip away from your total.

Entries due Sunday, 14th November

Please read the information carefully.

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