July 17th, 2010

20in20 Sign Ups Are Closed

The sign ups for the 20in20 challenge are now closed and those of you that have signed up may start posting your icons! You have until Sunday, 7th August to post all your icons.

You must post all 20 icons together, there is a table you can use to organise your icons but it is not compulsory. You do need to make it clear what icons reflect the given themes or categories because they voted based on the different themes and in the category groups. When posting please include your claim in the title of your post.

All icons must be posted to this community! You may still post to your own journal as well, I would like a copy in this community so that I can tag and it makes it quicker and easier for me when I am doing the voting. Oh, do not tag your entries ... I get funny about my tags :D

All icons must be placed behind a lj-cut. If you do not know how to make one go here. You may place 1-3 icons above the cut as teasers.

All posts will be moderated.