March 14th, 2010

Next Challenges

If you have suggested themes or screencaps they will make it on the list so if you want to suggest something please go here. You may suggest things that have already been done such as Robin Hood or Death. If you want to use a particular episode of a show such as The Tudors please tell me the episode number/name and link to some screencaps.

I have provided you with three choices for each challenge and and you have to vote for your preferred choice for each challenge.

Challenge 110 Suggestions

Romance Book Covers {Pictures}
War Horse{Photos}

Challenge 111 Suggestions

Cloud Textures
Regency Period
Sherlock Holmes

100 Icon Challenge

Okay I have set up a 100 icon challenge in this community. It is part of the longer challenge but I'll also put another challenge up and probably just leave the 100 icon challenge around.

When I have the time I will advertise and pretty it all up and sort out all the links. Really, when I have the time I am just going to overhaul the comm and give it a bit of a face lift and find a way to include stuff from all the new challenge tyupes we've been doing.

Sorry for spamming everyones f-list!