December 13th, 2009



I made a little error and the Torchwood and Knight challenges don't end until next week which is great because no one has entered any icons. I am hoping that is because everyone was really excited about the 20in20 challenge :) Please get some icons in before next week.

Enter your icons here

More votes for the next challenge are needed


alice_contest is a new icontest for the 2009 Alice in Wonderland miniseries.

Theme Voting

I think this qualifies as a success which I am so pleased about! I know a few people had to drop claims because of time constraints but I hope you will be happy to hear that I plan on running several more rounds in the future. Keep an eye out for that and the other challenge types I shall try and run in the future to.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this challenge a success. I had a lot of fun setting this up.

The first 20in20 challenge voting is now open! There were so many icons that I had to split the voting across several posts so remember to vote on all of them.

Voting will end on Saturday, 20th December

Votes are weighted so remember to vote in order of preference

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