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Rumble Round 02 Sign Ups

Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll. I have modeled this rumble challenge on the responses I got and the feedback from the last rumble round, so I hope everyone enjoys it. The main difference is that this round will not have a theme, I will try and include a variety of challenges to keep people interested!

A rumble challenge is a bit like LIMs challenge except no one gets eliminated, instead the icon makers accumulate points over the course of the challenge and whoever has the most points at the end wins.

The round will run for 10 challenges over the course of 10 weeks. The challenges will go up on Fridays. Regular challenges will still be running but they will go up on Sundays. Anyone may still enter the normal challenges but only people who have signed up for the rumble may enter the rumble challenges.

Voting is very normal; each week you will vote on the icons submitted for the various challenges. You will only be asked to vote for 3 icons and any special categories I think up. This is to keep the point system fair.

Anyone may vote, you do not need to have signed up for the rumble challenges to vote.

Everyone who signed up for the rumble will get a point for participating and voting in the challenges as well as signing up. That means everyone starts the challenge with 1pt.

Icons that are placed will get the following points;

First Place = 5pt
Second Place = 4pt
Third Place = 3pt
Mod's Choice/Special Category = 2pt

I will be keeping a tally of the points but I will not make this public until they end. You may request your tally scores at anytime, I just will not tell you anyone else's scores.

Comment if you want to sign up! The first challenge will go up Friday, 5th August. You will be able to sign up until the voting of the first challenge is posted. You can include any challenge ideas or suggestions when you sign up.

You can earn an extra 2pts by advertising the rumble in 2 different places (1pt per advertisement). If you do advertise please post here with links to where you have advertised.


I hope everyone has a fun time!
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