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LIMS Challenge Three Voting

Thank you to everyone who has participated!

Please read the rules very carefully before voting and I hope everyone votes. If you are signed up for the LIMS and you do not vote then you will not be eligible to chose or be chosen for the Artist's Choice icons.

The comeback challenge has been posted so all those eliminated or disqualified may enter.

maestria because you did not enter I have used up your last skip. You now have no skips to use.

jelly_head91 you may pick an Artist's Choice icon this week. The voting will be exactly the same as for the other icons, please give a number and a reason for your choice.

♥ Vote as a comment to this post. All comments will be screened
♥ Reasons must be given for your votes and they must be based on the qualities of the icon and not your personal preferences.
Good Example: The crop is really good but the text obscures the image and it doesn't really fit with the rest of the icon
Bad Example: It is over sharpened
There is a good guide to voting here
♥ Vote for two icons of better quality and one of lesser quality
♥ Do not vote for yourself or get your friends to vote for you
♥ Icons must remain anonymous until the winners have been announced
♥ Once voting is done you may request a voting tally or the comments for your icon

Deadline: Wednesday, 17th November 4pm GMT

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