Raven Lullaby (ravenlullaby) wrote in the_histories,
Raven Lullaby

LIMS Challenge Two Winners

Thank you to everyone.

As there were three icons submitted there is not a favourite icon this week, there is the Artist's Choice and the icon of lesser quality. I still wanted people to vote for a better quality icon so that there would be positive comments as well as negative.

If you would like the comments your icon recieved then please just ask and I will reply in a screened comment with what was said.


jelly_head91 with 3 votes

Artist's Choice


jelly_head91 you can pick an Artist's Choice icon for the next challenge and I will be putting a comeback challenge up very soon.

Voting Tally
01: +3
02: -3
03: +3/-3
Tags: &lims round one: challenge two, &lims round one: results

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