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Longer Challenge Post

I am putting everything up earlier because I am using today to do chores and tomorrow for work. These challenges will be up until sometime in May, when I know when I have a free time I will let everyone know the exact deadline.

The 100 icon challenge is up and running so if you want an extra little challenge go and claim something. The Young Victoria and Egypt challenges will stay up and running until May time, which is good since two people have entered so far. Go! Enter more icons!

Fanmixes: 02
Headers: 00
Changes Sets: 00

Remember to post your icons to this post and say what challenge they are for


A fanmix is a fan made playlist or album that is focused on a certain character, tv show etc. What I am asking you guys to do is create a fanmix cover, front and back. If you want to upload the songs and make the fanmix for real you can do that and I will let you post to the community when the challenges are over but the voting will be on the covers.

The front cover will contain the title of the fanmix, the purpose or topic (is it focused on a pairing, period etc) and then images relating to the subject. The back cover will contain the name and artists of the songs chosen, how you present this is up to you.

As long as it is before 1969 you can do whatever you want. Characters, pairings, periods, people etc

The covers must be 470x470 which is the size of a normal CD case.

Here is an example made by kolibrichen

You can enter up to 5 fanmixes


The challenge is to make a new header for the community layout. I don't particularly mind about size and shape, just be sensible about it and keep in mind that it is a community header and I need to design a layout around it.

You can use whatever materials you want that are relevant to this community. The only thing you need to do is include 'the_histories' somewhere on the header.

You can enter up to 5 headers


The challenge is to make a set of up to 6 icons that reflects some kind of change. What you consider a change is up to you, it could be a change in age, weather, seasons, relationship, movement etc. You can make as many sets as you like.

If you decided to do a set that depicted the change in the seasons you could have one icon for each season or if you want to do a change in relationship you could have icons of the couple alone and then together.

Here is the example of have which is a change in movement and connection ... and well it was the only one I could find;

If you feel like you need to explain the change then just do so when you post your icons.

Enter your icons like this;


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